Thursday, February 5, 2009

Juicy Campus Closing

Juicy Campus Replacement

It's an exciting day for the ACB. (Anonymous Confession Board)

In the wake of Juicy Campus' closing, we find ourselves in a unique position to establish ourselves as the new standard in anonymous college posting. The ACB is much like Juicy Campus, but there are several key differences. For one, we wish to promote deep and thoughtful discussion -- as well as the occasional "gossipy" post. We rely on user moderation, to help us flag any posts that may be threatening, racist, or otherwise illegal. Additionally, each college has it's own board, providing a more personally relevant atmosphere. Below is our mission statement:

The CollegeACB or College Anonymous Confession Board seeks to give students a place to vent, rant, and talk to college peers in an environment free from social constraints and about subjects that might otherwise be taboo.

Topics vary from sex and sexuality, to politics, to classes and campus life. There is of course controversy over these discussions, as they sometimes tend to devolve into people talking trash about each other. But while JuicyCampus encourages their users to make salacious posts, the ACB encourages actual discussion. Sexuality, for example, is a topic that can be easier to talk about under anonymity, and does not have turn into a discussion about specific people in a highly negative manner. By simply adding a report button, a very small amount of moderation, and setting a few loose rules about libel, CollegeACB has been able to avoid the large number of libelous posts seen on a “gossip” style website. Login is not required to post, however you have the option of logging in to use some of the additional features of the site, such as private messaging, identity swapping, and marking your favorite threads to find them later.

Please bear with us as we continue to add features, and update individual-school pages. Some features may not be online for some schools. What are you waiting for!? Head on over to

Peter Frank

PS: Media inquiries via e-mail will get first priority. Put "Media" somewhere in the subject line and I will get back to you ASAP. This includes college newspapers.



  2. damn idiots! Man the LifeBoats! It's not like you haven't had a whole frickin' year to fix and police your site.

    What a bunch of lying fools. Them and Us!

  3. College ACB is the worst thing to happen to my college campus. People aren't coming out of their rooms because of some things said about them on this website. What's next? Suicide! Think about all the harm this website is doing and think about yourself and how you can change this. Boycott college ACB

  4. Peter Frank. Wonder what he would say if the cruel, vicious, and humiliating things posted on this website were about him? I agree. Boycott this website. It has no place in college life or on the internet.

  5. youre attacking gossip sites when you do the exact same thing. did this guy even go to college?

  6. This site is by far the worst thing that has happened to my campus!!

    "By simply adding a report button, a very small amount of moderation, and setting a few loose rules about libel, CollegeACB has been able to avoid the large number of libelous posts seen on a “gossip” style website." Your "Report" button is pointless and I have seen no "lose rules" to govern any sort of libel or slander; your "gossip" page is pointless and immoral!!

    I hope this site is shutdown!!! END OF STORY!!

  7. You are terrible people for creating and profiting off of a site that insults innocent people.


  8. Peter, I appreciate collegeacb as a tool for all college students.

    Please do not shut down the site because of a few haters.

  9. can u create one for christopher newport university?

  10. Bullying at its worst. Enough evil in world without adding this. If suicides result all participants are responsible.

  11. Jake Lewis is a racist redneck! Fat ass